About Us

Couples have often asked the question, "can we really select the gender of our child?" The answer is yes!

With the Ericsson Method, your chances of achieving a male are 83% to 86% and female rates are 73% to 78%. While these percentages are not 100%, they are better than the natural percentage rate of 50/50. Success rates vary depending on many factors including which procedure is chosen, the man's specimen, the woman's cycle, the couple's age, and underlying medical conditions. At Midwest Fertility and Gender Selection Center, we are proud to have helped thousands of couples on their journey to become parents.

Dr. Zack, the founder of Midwest Fertility performed the procedure for over 20 years, and Dr. Kushner and Dr. Dock, now owners of Midwest Fertility, have also been performing IUI and ICI with the Ericsson Method for 10 years. Whether couples came for reasons of infertility, family balancing, or because they want to avoid passing on a genetic defect, the support of our highly qualified staff and baby gender selection methods have been sought after from all over the United States and Canada. When visiting our center in Michigan, you can avoid added big city cost and confusion, while concentrating on your family goals.

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