Cost of Ericsson Method Gender Selection Procedure

New Prices are as of July 2017

Consultation either in person or by phone...... $150
1st IUI in one cycle...... $1600
2nd IUI on 2nd day, in same cycle, for increased chance of pregnancy......$800
​Holiday/Sunday Accommodations...... $450 (additional charge if on this type of day)

Full payment is required at the time of the service. Payment will be accepted in the form of cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover (No personal checks please.) Since gender selection is an elective procedure, almost all insurance companies will not cover the procedure cost. You will have to consult your insurance company for any reimbursement. We do not bill insurance. We can provide hand written receipts and/or a printed credit card receipt. As always, it is our goal to get you the desired gender as quickly as possible with as little cost and expense to you.

Fee for Infertility Consult

Infertility Consultation (no semen analysis)...... $200.00
Initial consultation to (includes semen analysis)...... $250.00

We do not participate in insurance billing. However, due to medical fertility issues, some patients' insurance companies do have a prevision in their policy which may help cover some cost of a sperm wash for IUI procedures. It would be your responsibility to contact your provider and inquire if they would reimburse you for services paid by you. Receipts are always provided.

There are numerous other tests and methods relating to infertility and may or may not be covered by one's own individual insurance. These methods and costs will be discussed in consultation.