Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is gender pre-selection for me?

The decision must be made with serious consideration. Gender pre-selection meets a very personal need for many couples. It has been used to establish a gender balance within a family or to lessen the risk of gender-related hereditary diseases (i.e. Duchenne’s Disease).

Will I have a healthy baby?

Artificial insemination with isolated sperm shows no greater occurrence of birth defects than normal insemination through intercourse.

Does the Ericsson Method guarantee I'll get pregnant?

The Ericsson Method is a method of manipulating sperm in order to achieve a pregnancy of a specific gender. This process does not guarantee a pregnancy. Since each woman's body is different, her chances of getting pregnant depend on numerous factors including, but not limited to, that patient's personal body, situation, and health profile of herself and her spouse. Each patient and situation is individual and cannot be compared.

That being said, our center average is 4 to 5 cycles for a pregnancy. Some couples get pregnant in the first cycle, while other couples may take 8 cycles. No one knows when someone may become pregnant - it is ultimately up to her own body. Our method increases the odds of conceiving the gender you want, but does not guarantee conception.

Are miscarriages more common?

The likelihood is no greater or less than that of a naturally conceived pregnancy, which is presently estimated at one out of four pregnancies.

Who will be told about my conceiving in this manner?

This process is totally confidential. You medical Files are protected by HIPPA Law and our physicians will release no information about you unless so authorized.

Am I guaranteed the child of desired sex by gender selection procedure?

The outcome of pregnancies so conceived can never be guaranteed, because sperm isolation does not completely separate X from Y chromosome sperm. It is however, better than the natural intercourse rate of 50/50. The statistics for each procedure will be discussed with you before processing.

How do I begin the Gender Selection process?

The first step to begin the program will be a consultation. This appointment is mandatory, and can be done by itself, by phone, or combined with the first insemination to save time and money for out of town patients.

What happens during a consultation?

At the consultation, the doctor will review the couple’s medical history, the woman’s gynecological history, menstrual cycles, and ovulation predicting. There will be no physical examination.  You will also be speaking with our Andrologist, Kari, who will closely monitor your situation from beginning to end via personal cell phone text, once you become a patient. For more information about appointments and to download important patient forms, click here.


How do the procedures for a boy and girl differ?

For couples interested in the female selection, the doctor will give the patient a prescription for Clomid (clomiphene citrate). This is for the female selection only and is a very important part of the process. Couples desiring a male child do not require medication.

I’ve had my consultation. What happens next?

After your consultation and when you’re ready to begin the program, call our andrologist, Kari Willis. You will be given her cell phone number in advance so you can keep her updated and ask any questions you might have. When your cycle starts (this is cycle day one), you will discuss your ovulation timing and tentative dates for the insemination procedure. Important: please confirm the potential dates for insemination with an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) using a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor, or any other means of ovulation detection.

How does scheduling work?

When you begin the gender selection program, it is very important for you to be in close contact with Kari after menstruation has begun. The easiest way to do this is by text message. At the time you begin, there will be a review of approximate insemination date(s) that will correlate with your cycle’s ovulation. It is helpful to set up your insemination date(s) as soon as possible to ensure there are no lab conflicts, closing, or scheduling difficulties.

When are your office hours?

We're available at various times Monday through Friday for consultations, by appointment. We are also available to do procedures 7 days a week, and some holidays. Please contact us to talk more about scheduling your appointment.

Since we cannot predict ovulation for everyone, our laboratory works on appointment basis.  Kari is in the lab on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (regardless of patients) until 11:30am, and then by appointment only when we have patients. If you call the office on a day when she is not in the office, please leave a clear and detailed message. She will check the messages remotely and get back to you promptly or you can email messages too, which goes directly to her.

I don’t live in Michigan. Can I still come to you for the gender selection process?

Yes! If you don’t live in Michigan or even in the United States, we still want to help you. If it is not convenient for you to come to the office for your initial consultation, we can accommodate out-of-town couples by doing the consultation at the same time of the first insemination or by phone to save time and money.  Remember, a consult is mandatory and must be performed before the first insemination.