Ericsson Method of Gender Selection

Up until recent times, authorities still advised couples to change time and frequency of intercourse or even alter diets to cause the conception of either a male or a female child. Scientists know that sperm carrying an X chromosome determines a female, and one carrying a Y chromosome determines a male. However, in 1970, researchers discovered that a male, or Y chromosome-bearing sperm, could be stained with a dye, finally allowing researchers to scientifically study gender selection methods and procedures. Subsequently, many methods for separation of X from Y chromosome sperm were tested.

The technique developed by Ronald Ericsson, Ph.D., of Gametrics, Ltd., Montana, for gender selection has been used extensively, and is presently offered by numerous centers in the United States and worldwide.The process for both the male and the female selections begin with the sperm filtration. Male percentages are 83 to 86% (see data) and female percentages are 73 to 78%. These percentages are above the normal population percentages of achieving a male or female, which is 50/50. Although the two procedures differ in concentrations and incubation, they both are similarly filtered through a salt protein solution within isolation columns (or small test tubes). At the final incubation, the bottom layer of the filtration is collected and processed for artificial insemination. This is a procedure where the physician will place the prepared specimen either intra-cervical/ICI (female procedure) or intra-uterine/IUI (male procedure). For the female selection, the sperm filtration technique is used in conjunction with a fertility drug, clomiphene citrate, to change the cervical mucus, for the insemination of the sperm. There are no extra medications needed for the male procedure. On occasion, we give an injection of HCG for women who have menses cycles that are sporatic, or for better timed ovulation of our out of town couples, for purposes of better timed ovulation. The technique is widely used with couples that are family planning and/or balancing, and a small percentage for genetic reasons. These couples have chosen to use the gender selection program to avoid passing on a genetic anomaly that run in families, such as Duschene's Muscular Dystrophy, Hemophilia, etc. This method is NOT Micro Sort or IVF or PGD. With the Ericsson Method of gender selection we can increase your chances of having a boy from 83 to 86%, or increase your chances of having a girls to 73 to 78%. (see data)

The Ericsson Method IS:  

  • Safe for the mother and sperm
  • No side effects to the mother or child
  • Non-invasive
  • No chemicals or re-agents
  • Used to avoid passing on congenital birth defect (which might be present in a certain gender)
  • The most affordable method for the average family

The Ericsson Method is NOT:

Sperm Spinning

Please note: spinning sperm is just washing - it is not the Ericsson Method! Washing only separates the sperm from the seminial vesicle fluid. It does not separate boys and girls. The Ericsson Method is a gradient technique that is done with the sperm after it is washed.

Patented Procedure since 1982.

The original patented procedure which was issued in 1982 and is available for view online doing a patent search US4339434. It contains all information leading to and regarding the Ericsson Method of gender selection.

We have provided a copy of the patent US4339434 for your ease of viewing.