Patient Forms

Appointments and Patient Forms

An initial consultation is mandatory and must be performed before the first insemination. To schedule a consult, please contact Kari Willis, andrologist and office manager. At this consult, you will meet with the doctor, and the doctor will review your medical history.

On the cycle you are ready to begin the gender selection program, contact Kari Willis by phone after menstruation has begun. At that time, there will be a review of approximate insemination date(s) that will correlate with your cycle’s ovulation.

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Information needed when setting up your first appointment:

  • LMP (Last Menstrual Period) Date
  • Day 1 of this period cycle
  • Pharmacy No. (if applicable – this is needed for Clomid and/or pre-natal vitamin prescription)
  • HCG Injections (for better timed ovulation and sporatic menses cycles) will be given free of charge. The medication itself will cost $99 payable to the pharmacy that dispenses it.

The Ericsson Method process takes approximately 1-2 hours, depending on counts etc., before the insemination. The insemination takes approximately 2 minutes, and then you will lay on the exam table for about 10 minutes before continuing with your day as normal.

The lab begins processing the specimen for the gender selection technique in the mornings only.

Monday-Friday: 9am specimen processing, 11am insemination
Saturday-Sunday: 9am specimen processing, 11am insemination (appointment times may vary depending on special circumstances)

Once you become a patient, you MUST contact Kari by phone by 7am for cancellations or changes in appointment dates during the week! Cancellations for Saturday and Sunday appointments are requested prior to 12 noon on Friday.

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