Why Choose the Gender of Your Baby?

Deciding to start a family is a huge milestone. As a couple, you’ve probably envisioned little girls or boys with your eyes and your partner’s smile.

Many parents say they don’t care about their child’s gender, just as long as they’re a healthy baby. While that may be true, a lot of potential parents do have a preference.

Did you know that there are safe ways to medically enhance the chances of having a son or daughter?

Natural conception provides a 50/50 chance of having a boy or girl. The Ericsson Method (developed by Ronald Ericsson, Ph.D.) uses a proven scientific method to separate and concentrate sperm. It creates an 83 percent chance of conceiving a boy, and a 78 percent chance of conceiving a girl. This could be the answer you and your partner have been looking for!

For families looking to balance the gender of their children, or avoid passing on genetically-linked hereditary diseases, this method of gender selection could be a dream come true.

At Midwest Fertility and Gender Selection Center in Michigan, we believe in helping families like the Harris family, who used gender selection as a way to prevent passing on a form of muscular dystrophy that almost affects only boys. Katie Harris, whose younger sister tested positive for the disease, came to the Center for help.

“[My sister testing positive] meant my mom was a definite carrier, so that gave me a 50 percent chance of being a carrier,” said Harris. “My husband and I talked to a genetics counselor, and nobody could give us any answers.” (Excerpted from The Sunday Oakland Press, May 24, 1998.)

After coming to the Gender Selection center and having three inseminations, Katie conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Choosing the Gender of Your Baby is Easier than You Think!

If you already have kids, but want to try one last time for a baby of the opposite sex, or you simply prefer one gender over the other, gender selection could be the answer for you!

At Midwest Fertility and Gender Selection Center, we know how important this decision is for you and your partner, and we work hard to make the entire process painless and stress-free. Our experienced doctors and office staff will help you feel welcome and at ease.

If you think the Ericsson Method of gender selection might be for you, schedule a consultation with us! We’re happy to talk to you about your options and answer any questions you have about choosing the gender of your baby.